Things to see and do in Sydney.


Sydney, the largest, and most beautiful of all Australian cities lies amid an enchanting intermingling of sea and land. Sail along the glimmering harbour on a ferry, see the magnificent architecture by  Jørn Utzon, the designer of Opera House, admire the graceful Harbour Bridge, to mention a few.

Explore Sydney’s history in the narrow laneways and the city’s excellent museums, also find out about the aboriginal people, who prospered on this land. Sydney still fizzes with the daring spirit of its settlers. You may scale the harbour bridge, surf the green-barrel breaks at Sydney’s golden shores, or fly across the city on a panoramic tour.

  1. Sydney Opera house

Click a selfie while gliding by on a harbour cruise, enjoy the white wine at one of those restaurants, walk around the opera house, or take an organised tour of the magnificent structure, which encompasses theatres, studios, exhibition rooms, a concert hall, and theatre. Reserve, a Sydney Opera House, Guided Walking Tour to find out about the background and get a behind-the-scenes look at this famous building. This is a flexible ticket which lets you join all the excursions through the day, leaving every half hour from 9 am to 5 pm. Avid photographers visit Mrs Macquarie’s Chair for one of the best photo opportunities. Be aware that the building is now undergoing a $200-million renovation, estimated for completion in early 2021, but it will continue to perform great opera shows during the recovery.

  1. Sydney Harbour Bridge

Inspired by massive double piers at each end, it was constructed in 1932 and remains the world’s largest steel arch bridge, linking the harbour’s north and south shores in one curve climbing 134 meters above the water. Along its length run two railroad lines and eight lanes for road traffic, the management of which may be varied based on traffic flow. Drivers can drive over the bridge to get blue-water views. Pedestrians can walk across on lanes or join a guided tour via BridgeClimb for a beautiful panoramic view of the city and harbour. To find out about the fascinating history of the bridge’s structure, check out the museum at the southeastern pier.

Daring souls who wish to climb into the 135-meter-high summit can reserve the Sydney BridgeClimb. This is a spectacular opportunity that takes groups of up to 13 individuals on an around 3.5-hour climb to the peak of the outer arch. Tours run through the day, starting with a sunrise rise and end with a night climb.

  1. Darling Harbour

No doubt Beatles, Oh Darling! is famous but Sydney’s Darling Harbour is not less. A hub for tourists and locals alike, Darling Harbour is a waterfront pedestrian precinct packed with shops, restaurants, museums, exhibitions, and entertainment venues. Families will love celebrity wax museum known as Madame Tussaud’s; the Sydney Zoo. The SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium Entrance Ticket is an excellent way to get in front of the crowds, and also, it provides discounts on other attractions. Nautical-minded history fans can board a replica of Captain Cook’s ship, Endeavour, in the Australian National Maritime Museum. An IMAX and 9D theatre, harbour jet boat rides, simulated flights and racing car experiences round out the exciting attractions. Tourists can slip in the Chinese Garden of Friendship and sip tea among the willows and koi ponds.

  1. Bondi Beach

At the end of the trip if you haven’t visited Bondi Beach, then your trip is not finished yet. The beautiful white-sand beach of Bondi is one of Australia’s most iconic beaches. The high waves draw surfers while locals swim in the ocean pool year-round. Sydneysiders sip in a cup of coffee at laid-back cafes around the beach, while backpackers enjoy the nightlife at Bondi’s casual pubs. Great dramatic scenery and picturesque view for Walkers and joggers to relax and enjoy a great walk.