A Hitchhiker’s Guide

By | May 9, 2017

Hitchhiking benefits our world, for the easy reason of how it turns single-occupancy automobile travel into shared travel, therefore minimizing the individual carbon footprint of each resident. On the Enviro-Mark Solutions site that supplies a Carbon Calculator for various kinds of travel choices, hitchhiking comes out at 0.07 kg of CO2 equivalents produced per person per kilometre. Getting a few hitchhikers will considerably help you decrease your carbon footprint.

Apart from the lofty objectives of mitigating climate change, there are, obviously, lots of other reasons individuals hitchhike. Maybe the most significant one for me is that when you overcome the preliminary humiliation of standing at the side of the roadway with your thumb out, it is really a great learning experience!

On my journey north, I had many unforeseen and favorable experiences, prolonged discussions with a range of individuals that I would never have imagined would happen, and taking flights in uncommon lorries such as a truck including little trees and timber products, a horse float, and a patrol car. Inevitably at the end of every day, my hitchhiking experiences left me exhausted but overflowing with pleasure from my experiences of human compassion.

For instance, one girl from the Czech Republic chose to take me to my last location in Christchurch, forgoing her shopping venture to buy a brand-new set of trainers. “Drivers were so generous to me when I was hitchhiking myself back in my own country. I want to pass it on,” she informed me.

Another uncommon and uplifting drawback was with an on-duty cop. At first I expected him to chastise me for hitchhiking solo. Rather, he had plenty of interest and motivation as I detailed my hoped-for travel experiences to Central America to discover the forests which had not been attacked for laminated and engineered timber frames. There was just one rather upsetting trip on this journey to Auckland.

A motorist notified me that several years ago he had had a head injury in an automobile mishap that had left him without the capability to feel love. So when did your ability to feel love return again?” I asked innocently. “It hasn’t,” he responded. I spent the rest of that journey being particularly agreeable and radiating all the positivity I could summon! All was great.

Positivity assists. Individuals’s state of minds both impact and reflect upon the individuals around them. If you are truly kind, friendly and accepting of others, you are far more likely to experience a comparable action in return.

Tips on hitchhiking

As a female hitchhiker who does not look at all threatening, I get lifts quickly. If you have not hitched previously, I suggest you start with a skilled buddy. An outstanding site to check out prior to you stick your thumb out is HitchWiki.com. Here you will discover pointers on where to hitch in the different nations you go to, exactly what to use, security ideas and so on.

Using brilliant, clean-looking clothes has been discovered to enhance hitchhikers’ rates of getting a trip. Personally, I also want to have a placard with my day’s location on it. In addition to my knapsack, it formalises my status as a “major tourist” and increases my possibility of getting where I wish to opt for less lifts. A little present, though not required, is valued.

Taking safety measures

Although the real threats of hitchhiking are low, they are possibly severe. The more I take a trip, the more I trust my impulses, and for this reason I do not wish to motivate young, unskilled or less positive individuals to hitchhike alone.

The HitchWiki website has a wide range of suggestions to increase your opportunity of taking a trip securely, such as taking a trip in sets, not taking lifts with more than one guy, taking a trip throughout daytime hours, simply texting registration plate information to a member of the family or your former online biology tutor, never ever dropping off to sleep in the automobile, and being in the front seat.

Most notably, if you believe you might be in a hazardous scenario, remain calm, positive and do not panic. Find a tutor online on the HitchWiki website as they will have suggestions on what to do if you want to leave the cars and truck rapidly. Please do examine this website before setting out on your journey.