Best Hotel In Every State In Australia

By | August 19, 2019

Australia, also known as Oz or the land Down Under, apparently has it all. With cosmopolitan cities like Melbourne and Sydney, glorious beaches, virgin rainforests, along with the unforgiving Outback, it does not fail to impress and also guarantees the trip of a life. The famed landmarks of the Sydney Harbour, the Great Barrier Reef and Ayers Rock (Uluru) are on each tourist’s bucket list, which most likely — includes spotting a number of Australia’s fascinating wildlife as well, ranging from completely cute (penguins, koalas and wallabies) to extremely dangerous (crocs, sharks, and snakes). But go off the beaten trail in the complete desolation of Kakadu’s wetlands and the unspoiled wilderness in Tasmania, and you’ll find what Oz is about. In any case, from snowy destinations to sandy beaches, a hotel is most likely conveniently located in the surrounding areas.

For Australia and New Zealand, there have been lots of resorts —both new and established— that are the top of their niche but did not make it into this list. From boutique favourites like Halcyon House to much-loved names such as the QT, the record reads like a what’s what of the local hotel scene — it’s essentially an itinerary waiting to happen. The options listed below are a comfortable mix of super luxury and affordably priced — which means something ensured for everybody.

I have listed the best hotels in every state that should be on the bucket list of every discerning traveller when visiting Down Under.

New South Wales

Sydney has many colonial stone buildings that can be found around the harbour. From there you can visit the vineyards within Hunter Valley and visit the coastlines with breathtaking cliffs. There is a lot of farmland to get lost among which is what Australia is known well for. Lilianfels is the place to stay in NSW that has 85 rooms and good pricing from $181. With rooms glowing with natural light and a beautiful view over Jamison Valley. There are tennis courts pools, spas this county style but the luxury hotel has it all suited for the whole family.

Best Hotel In Every State In Australia


The Pepper Mineral Springs was built in 1935, providing hotel jobs to the local population and has come evolved into a beautiful romantic hotel with spas and restaurants to accommodate all visitors. Located in Hepburn springs, the hotel is surrounded by beautiful gardens. The best one is the formal Italian gardens that are complete with miniature hedge mazes. Such lovely public spots that were designed by Stuart Rattle that feature furniture in polished wood and marble, parchment lighting and 1930’s original leather accenting. Hotel rooms are designed with warm tones with different sixes and layouts. If you are staying with friends or family, you can request rooms with shared balconies.


Lizard Island is a beautiful hotel resort that is well known as the luxury lodge of Australia. The hotel resort is very secluded from the rest of the population. With 24 beaches and 40 suites and villas, it means there is a beach to choose from for each couple, group, or the solo guest. The resort sits right on the reef so there are no boring long boat rides needed to get to a wonderful natural wonder of the world.


One of the most famous luxury resorts in Tasmania is the Saffire Freycinet which provides a connection to the natural park and the Wineglass Bay. It is distinct within its features and features 20 private suites an amazing culinary offering and a luxury day spa and was even voted the world’s best boutique hotel and the worlds best luxury hotel. Detach yourself from the everyday life and experience being truly immersed.

South Australia 

Need a girl’s weekend away with friends? Having a babymoon? Simply looking for a romantic holiday. Mount Lofty House is just perfect. Full of modern heritage designs along with beautiful breathtaking views of the hills and valleys that will transform you. Revive yourself in the gorgeous cottages with a spa visit. Enjoy a book in the library or even a candlelight dinner for two under the sunset. It truly is an experience that you will never forget. 

Western Australia 

COMO The Treasury is a luxury hotel in Perth with 48 rooms and historic building that date back from the 19th century. With historical restaurants and local bars, the COMO Shambhala even offers wellness therapies.  Come and explore the wild lure of Western Australia and connect to nature and history to a truly inspiring and memorable trip.

The hotels mentioned in this article are only samples of what Australia has to offer. There are many other noteworthy hotels, each catering to different holiday requirements. If you like art and have been planning to go to Hobart, for example, Henry Jones is a luxury accommodation in Hobart waterfront that houses over 500 local and international artworks.